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We call ourselves Chattanooga's community bike shop because we love hanging out with our community. Whether we're leading bike rides, sharing a beer, or teaching a bike maintenance workshop, we want to get to know you and we want you to be a part of our family. Come join us for one of the events listed on this page or just swing by the shop to hang out anytime. The "dad jokes" are always free!

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Saturday, December 1, 2018 (11:00 am)

Join Cycle Sport for the best party of the year celebrating everything that makes Chattanooga's Southside special! The free beer from Hutton & Smith arrives in our parking lot at 11:00, followed by slow bike races and frame toss (like horseshoes except with bike frames). Our friends at Handup Gloves will be there too, along with half-price food from 2 Sons!

Besides throwing an awesome party, we're also having a HUGE MOVING SALE! (Don't worry, we'll still be on Main Street, just a few blocks down.) We'd rather sell it than move it (yes, we're that lazy), so we're pricing everything ridiculously low!

Come by and grab a free beer, toss a bike frame and walk away with some killer deals at the shop! See you then!

For more info about what else is going on at MAINx24, check out: mainx24.com

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I've always been curious about @seasucker racks, but after seeing one in person today and testing it out; I can say I'm a huge fan. I wouldn't hisitate to put even the most expensive bike on this rack and drive across the country. #madeinamerica #chattanoogafun #chattanooga #noogagram #cycling #cyclingshots #roadbike