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CYCLE SPORT is known first and foremost for the quality and timeliness of our bike mechanic services. We believe that a bike shop should be focused more on building relationships than pushing products. That's why our number one goal is to ensure that whatever bike you're riding, regardless of where you bought it, is working as efficiently as possible and serving your needs whatever that may be.

Concerned about leaving your carbon fiber racer in the wrong hands? No worries here. We work on all models and brands, and we continually invest in our product knowledge through industry classes. Need someone to work on your old beater bike? We're happy to fix it up! Whatever the bike, whatever the problem, we're here to help. We are highly trained technicians and we are problem solvers, and we want nothing more than to improve the quality of your ride.


While your job may keep you from riding your bike as often as you'd like, there's no reason it should keep your bike from getting the attention it needs. If you can't bring your bike in for service during regular business hours, call us and we'll arrange to pick it up, fix it, and return it to you. Seriously.

How much does it cost? $30 round-trip

How do I schedule a pick-up? Just call us at 423-531-7623

When is this service available? Pick-up and delivery outside of our regular business hours

Is there a limit to how far this service extends? This service is provided within a 15-mile radius from the shop

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